You're a Recipe Guardian making your rounds when you notice evil page gops have disrupted Vanilla's Cake Recipe! Take back what is yours by collecting the missing ingredients and defeat evil that lurks around the corner. All in the name of delicious Vanilla Cake!

- Controls -

W,A,S,D to Move

Left Mouse Button or E to Attack

F to Drag objects or interact

Space bar to Jump

- Credits -

Music by Peter Ariet

Art by Michelle Raudsepp

Programming by Andrew Romans


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Thank you all for your feedback!!

I have released a new build with a few smaller fixes: 

  1. Spaced platforms in a way that allows for jumping back up them.
  2. Camera Shake no longer causes camera to fly off screen.
  3. Player & Boss invulnerability inconsistencies fixed.

Thank you again for playing :) 

If you encounter any more bugs let me know, and I will happily go and fix them!

The way this looks is really really cool.  However, I am having problems because the platforms are too high to jump back up to, so if I make a mistake and fall down, even if I land on another platform, I have to kill myself and start over.  Also sometimes I get stuck next to a wall and can't move at all.  But still, I love the idea of walking on the recipe.


Thanks for the feedback! - just released a version that should fix the platform issue :) 

Tried it again and the experience is much better.  I really like it now. Great job!

Amazing!Love it!..

Interesting! I like the art/style a lot. I especially like the little letters flying when you walk on the text. The music is good as well. I got stuck after destroying all the Imps in the first area.

I also encountered a bug, after falling and resetting a couple of times my attack stopped damaging the enemies.

Nice work, keep it up!

It seems you need to take the box down to the bottom,then use it to climb some words on the left.